Rudy Giuliani is da (wo)Man!

Rudy GiulianiNow I have no issue with a man’s choice of costume at fancy dress parties. In fact, I find a willingness to queen up displays his individuality, self-confidence and disregard of others critical judgements. The conservative Republican base however might have a different opinion when it comes to the Republican primaries.

It is with shame that I take glee in the disharmony of ideals of the combined political right. Long ago did the ‘left’ splinter into smaller competing interests that while more accurately representing the political base, means that in first past the post electoral systems they have either lost ground (French politics) or turned into ‘New Labour’ (England and New Zealand). At last may the cracks in the right begin appearing, exemplified by Don Brash’s need to hide his true economic intentions from the electorate1 while espousing racial issues as his main platform.

  1. read Nicky Hager’s The Hollow Men []


  1. the real mummybot

    A Different Conservative Republican

    With Bill Maher

    79:178 16:25, Sep 26 2007

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