Bush is starting to get it right?

Hasn’t life in Washington got interesting, Bush appears to be making some decisions which aren’t the usual 100% bad. Not-surprisingly the left-wing blogosphere has been quiet on the Iraq front over the massive drop in attacks since the surge began. The current Palestinian-Israeli negotiations ‘may’ provide hope for a long term solution, given that the Israelis may want to resolve the conflict whilst they have a U.S. President sympathetic to their cause. To his credit W. Bush is the first U.S. President to acknowledge the need for a two state solution which, whether you agree if this is the right way or not, is the first time that the parent starts setting boundaries.

I do not find it suprising to finally having some positive events come out of the Bush led Whitehouse. The main conclusion that I drew from reading State of Denial by Watergate journalist Bob Woodward was that Bush had assembled an ideologically driven team that was prone to infighting. This meant that not only did I (and a large part of the U.S. electorate and the rest of the planet) disagree with their ideologies, but they failed to implement them well. The Iraq war would have been harder to be against if it had gone as the Whitehouse expected – greeted as liberators in the streets, provided adequate security early on, not alienated the Sunnis by purging any member of the Baath party and disbanding the army etcetera etcetera. At some point or another the Bushies had to start getting something right. They couldn’t permanently live in the ‘state of denial’.

The next six months are going to be very interesting in the Middle East. If it turns out that Iraqis have had enough violence, that the influx of foreign fighters starts to slow, and that the ‘ethnic redistribution’ that occurred after the initial invasion has adequately seperated Sunni from Shia, then it just may be that Iraq doesn’t dissolve into the post-apocalyptic nightmare that sites like Commondreams have been predicting. And if the Palestinians and Israelis manage to negotiate a settlement, Bushes prediction that history will judge him well might just turn out true. These are very big IFs.


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