New photos

Bonfire night and the BBC Media Centre

Nothing much to report at this stage except two new galleries of pictures. The first gallery is bonfire night in Lewes which is a mad event celebrating Guy Fawkes but in typical small town English fashion. Fifty thousand people descend on a village of just over ten thousand and with the help of many secret ‘bonfire societies’ have a parade, fireworks and massive conflagrations all over the village. Pandemonium!

The second gallery is some photos taken around the BBC Worldwide’s building at White City called the Media Centre. It is essentially a Google style office of open plan, hot desking, plasma screen tvs everywhere, themed meeting rooms, and relaxation areas. This is likely to be the nicest building I will ever have the pleasure to work in. Unfortunately when we moved from the old premises in July, we lost a lot of the staff facilities which helped in creating a camaraderie in the office. The difference between having good facilities for workers and not has proven to be quite stark. Still, one cannot really complain with offices like these!


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