Not always falling, London is a pretty exciting place to live :)

To compare the two great Anglo cities – New York and London – the Americans held my initial vote with their in your face non-stop cultural extravaganza. New York provided an opportunity to soak cultural atmosphere through every pore in my fleshy membrane. London, initially, permeates rain, fog, and pollution; not so good for those of us with froggy dispositions. I haven’t seen that big glowing ball in the sky in about three weeks.

Fast-forward a month: meeting new friends, getting lost on night buses, and generally drinking far too much alcohol, and London’s shine is really starting to show albeit from underneath rather than up above. Last night was spent listening to jazz, drinking wine and eating tapas in the central hall of the Natural History Museum underneath a giant diplodicus fossil. Later we moved to the Old Street bar district where we went to a club playing reggae/funk fusion. In the words of Olly – ‘Awesome’.

The first week that I arrived in London my itinerary was spastic, I started work the Wednesday after the first Saturday I got here. The first BBC christmas party was a night out at the local Shepherd’s Bush comedy club. It was only a small departmental thing, so there were around one hundred people there. Thursday night was the proper party, and eight hundred BBC Worldwide people crammed into a swanky club called Coco in Camden with free drinks and food, the Spice’est Girls (or something crap like that) and meeting a million new people all at once. At the end of the evening it didn’t even occur to me that the tube was going to be shut so I had to fumble my way home through North London on the night bus service.

Not the christmas party, Donna's birthday.

Christmas was spent with Franie, Rose, Sean, Ella, Malaika and Andrew in Southampton. We all ate way too much food and drank too much wine. Franie apologises for anything inappropriate that he may or may not have said over Skype.

I am quite exhausted from continuously either working, playing or looking for flats but I am quietly confident that I will get a super place in Chalk Farm which is very close to my favourite part of London: Camden. Goth and alternative central, it is slightly commercialised but overall still a fantastically crazy place.

At some point I will do something cultural – when I can stand still for abit and get myself organised. London ain’t all bad ;)


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