• Definition: Liberal and Conservative

    Ah Newsvine, my friendly source of news and a good old argument.
  • Physiological evolution

    Just as other animals have evolved, so have humans.
  • Ideal society

    I believe the morally relative issue of oughts leads us to a system of community derived checks and balances built upon a common individual ideology of base principals, underplayed by progressively larger layers of minimal regulation.
  • My travel plans

    I am finally doing an O.E. and it is grand! I don’t know what the point of this whole expedition will be, but it involves flying out of NZ on May 6th with a one way ticket to Europe. I am in Australia hitchhiking for a month, then 1st June onto L.A. (Babylon) for a [...]
  • Evolution: Theory

    Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is based on three basic principles: reproduction, mutation and selection. These fundamental principles are all that is needed to create the near infinite variety of life that we can see now. Reproduction, as described in the definition of life, is the ability to create offspring. Reiterative computer programs make copies [...]